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18 01, 2019

HDC 3.4 is released!

2019-01-31T15:09:48+00:00January 18th, 2019|Release notes|

With HDC 3.4 we have introduced a lot of exciting features. List of all improvements can be reviewed in release notes Some highlight for the new version:   New themes with vector based icons All icons in the system were now unified and replaced with new vector representation, providing clean and modern [...]

27 11, 2017

HDC version 2.6.0 is released

2019-01-09T14:06:06+00:00November 27th, 2017|Release notes|

Version highlights: - Improvements to Template Editor and PDF printouts (multi-viewport templates) - HOPAGetView4Object using SF and SV - Presentations improvements - custom summary and general changes and fixes - Integration with 3D viewer - Bimeye plugin And many more.. Full release notes are on our wiki:

13 10, 2016

HDC 1.4.0 is now released.

2017-02-02T13:48:54+00:00October 13th, 2016|Release notes|

We have released new HDC version - 1.4.0 List of new features: Improved speed of printouts to PDF - faster and more stable now. Automatic import of default documents from HDRep packages - default links used in HDoc Classic will be converted as well to new system - HDC. Assign default owner and permissions to [...]

15 06, 2016

HDC 0.9.1 is now released.

2017-02-02T13:48:54+00:00June 15th, 2016|Release notes|

We have released new HDC version - 0.9.1 List of new features: Possibility to define business dependencies between object classes so that delete operation is applied correctly Move spots from one layer to another. Basic measurement: insert Area or Length text corresponding to spot values into the drawing. Basic Print Template Editor functionality released. Copy view functionality of [...]

23 05, 2016

HDC 0.7.1 is now released!

2017-02-02T13:48:54+00:00May 23rd, 2016|Release notes|

We have released new HDC version - 0.7.1 List of new features: I can easily redline Drawings using default system layer that can be shared with other users (HDC-696) Propagation of relevant system parameters to HDC user context (HDC-1612) Upgrade HDC to Batik 1.8 and fop 2.1 (HDC-1606) First major step was done to improve printing process. [...]

28 04, 2016

HDC 0.6.1 is now released!

2017-02-02T13:48:54+00:00April 28th, 2016|Release notes|

We have released new HDC version - 0.6.1 List of new features: I can use HOPAGetView4Object API to receive PNG image representing object (HDC-960) Area and / or quantitative summary in presentation filter (HDC-1388) Improvement to "provider" functionality (HDC-1578) WS perspective/metadata (POST and GET - excel) should respect FLS (HDC-1582) Some bug fixes in Data [...]

6 04, 2016

HDC 0.5.1 is now released!

2017-02-02T13:48:54+00:00April 6th, 2016|Release notes|

New version of HDC platform was released. HDC 0.5.1. includes the following new features: I can properly resize text elements (HDC-672) I can use “world cursor” for Swedish and other standard measurements (HDC-1355) I can get a report (list) of documents/objects selected as Excel file. (HDC-1389) I can select multiple objects in TreeView to get [...]

9 03, 2016

HDC 0.4.1 is now released!

2017-02-02T13:48:54+00:00March 9th, 2016|Release notes|

New version of HDC platform was released. HDC 0.4.1. includes the following new features: Possibility to use provider logo on login screen (HDC-1520) As a security admin, I can assign *Security Scheme* to an Object Instance so that it is properly protected (HDC-158) Apply restrictions to Links Operations (HDC-1546) Possibility to use default document when [...]

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