HDC FM 4.4.0 is now released!

Version highlights:

  • New Authentication system
  • Match Drawing Viewport
  • Access basic version operations from Master Archive UI
  • Option to show both key and value in dictionary list
  • Color palette available also for filter tools
  • Create object set from selected linked vectors on drawing
  • Select (check) objects in grid view based on selected spots in viewer
  • Show boolean field as checkbox
  • More compact and readable Presentation panel
  • Adjustable hover color for spots
  • Print system improvements
  • Document / Photo view in popup object properties
  • Accessing side document panel
  • Side document panel
  • User last visited objects
  • Filter-bar as alternative option for defining filters in GridView
  • Sorting in search result for excel report
  • Audit trail improvements

For more information, please review the release notes here.