At Tessel, we specialize in transforming complex building information into a neatly organized, accessible digital format. Our commitment to innovation, exceptional quality, and unparalleled customer satisfaction has anchored us as a favorite in the highly competitive Scandinavian markets. It’s common for us to build relationships with our customers that span over a decade, a testament to our dedication and service.

Our journey began in 1987, marking the start of our adventure into software development with solutions designed to digitize and manage scanned drawings. This foundation paved the way for our advanced tools today, like CADRaster for AutoCAD and SuperEdit, which have set industry standards.

Our vision expanded to include a groundbreaking facilities management system that went beyond mere storage to truly revolutionize building drawings management. Starting as a basic application for storing metadata and raster drawings, we evolved to HyperDoc—a system where raster and vector graphics merge with database objects. This innovation gave birth to the Composite Document concept, a cornerstone of our latest platform, HyperDoc Concept (HDC), nearly two decades later.

HDC represents the culmination of years of experience and expertise, providing a comprehensive solution for organizing, managing, and distributing information from scanned drawings, CAD files, BIM projects, GIS systems, and a myriad of other FM systems. Our approach has not only simplified information management for countless companies and institutions but has also set a new benchmark for how facilities data can be seamlessly integrated and utilized.

Join us on this journey of continuous innovation and experience the difference, where we make managing your building information easier, more intuitive, and more effective than ever before.

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