HDC FM (HyperDoc Concept)

Welcome to HDC FM, your comprehensive solution for drawing and model management, designed to revolutionize your approach to facilities management. With HDC FM, you can effortlessly integrate, visualize, and manage your building information and drawings in one intuitive platform. Our system offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to adapt to any data requirement with ease.

From powerful change management and audit trails to secure data access and simplified space management, HDC FM streamlines your workflow while ensuring data integrity and security.

Dive into the future of efficient facilities management with HDC FM, where managing your drawings and models has never been easier or more secure.

HDC.cloud | BIM.cloud

HDC FM platform is available in a Software as a Service model and hosted for you by Tessel.

Get the best experience and latest updates without the hassle of managing your own servers.

Focus on your core business and let our team of highly skilled professionals manage your private instance of HDC FM!

SuperEdit & CADRaster for AutoCAD

Our experience shows, that event the most technologically advanced companies and institutions still have a great number of their drawings and maps in paper format. Our advanced raster editing tools will give your scanned drawings and maps another life.

Scanned drawings is the fastest and most cost efficient way of creating an HDC archive for older buildings that do not have an up to date CAD drawings or BIM models.

Scanned drawings and maps can also be used as a starting point for creating your new digital CAD archive.

Our vision is to make all facility information available in single, unified, easy to use platform.

Combined data including drawings, models, GIS and object data is accessible to every user.

Maciej Zabielski, Tessel Systems AB