HDC platform is available in a Software as a Service model

What a Cloud (SaaS) solution actually means?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It means that instead of buying software licenses and running your own servers, you can simply purchase a software service and focus on using it rather than maintaining it.

Biggest benefits for having your software in the cloud:

  • Software is maintained by the same company that makes it. There is no chance someone else knows more about it than we do!
  • You don’t have to maintain or rent your own data center
  • You don’t have to buy hardware and hire your own staff for maintenance
  • You don’t have to worry about backups, we do them for you!
  • You can always use the latest version of HDC FM platform and you don’t have to worry about updates or data migration
  • Hosted solution means that there are no upfront licensing fees and it offers shortest “time to benefit”


One issue that is often forgotten is the energy efficiency factor behind shared cloud solution.

Did you know that company owned on-premise solution is likely to consume much greater volumes of energy?

HDC.cloud is not only “greener” but will also save you a lot on energy bills!

Where is the “Cloud” located?

Is my data secure?

Although “cloud” solution is perceived as something virtual, it’s actually rather down to earth solution!

Your data will be kept on fault tolerant, professional grade servers. Server cluster itself provides good protection against data loss. Should anything bad happen (including human error), your data will also be backed up daily to remote location and stored on an encrypted storage device.  Our main data center is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our servers are located within high security premises with both electronic and physical protective measures. Our collocation centre provides fire and power outage protection and is operated by one of the leading operators in Sweden. We have a guaranteed network connection performance to all of our customers.

Our SLA agreement ensures 99,5% availability and short initial response time for critical support requests.