HDC FM is a digital toolkit designed to simplify the management of buildings and their information. It’s like a central hub that brings together all kinds of important details— from building designs to equipment lists—into one easy-to-navigate online space.

Our vision was to create a platform so versatile it could blend different kinds of information that don’t usually work together. Imagine combining everything from building models, hand-drawn sketches, spreadsheets, and even maps into one place. With HDC FM, you can do just that. It’s all available in a web application that feels as fast and easy as using a desktop program, with no extra downloads needed.

What makes HDC FM stand out is its adaptability. Think of it as a multi-tool for managing not just the inside of a building, like floor layouts and equipment, but also the outside, including green spaces and parking. This all-in-one approach not only saves time but also enhances the efficiency and productivity of those managing facilities.


HDC FM revolutionizes the way you work with data from any source, whether it’s BIM, CAD, or even scanned drawings. Our platform operates on a principle of uniform management, making it incredibly straightforward. This means you can handle and organize your information consistently, no matter where it comes from.

Imagine turning a simple scanned drawing into a dynamic model, complete with interactive overlays and detailed information, just like you would with data from a BIM model. HDC FM makes this possible, offering a seamless way to manage, display, and utilize your data, elevating the efficiency and capabilities of your projects.


With HDC FM, managing your space becomes as intuitive as looking at a drawing or model. Our system lets you interact directly with any object shown, making adjustments and updates a breeze. Imagine being able to highlight different areas or items with color codes based on their characteristics. Need to update multiple items at once? Simply select them on your drawing, and with a few clicks, you can copy and apply changes across the board.

What’s more, any change you make is instantly updated on the drawing. This means you can see your modifications in real time, ensuring they’re exactly what you need. This visual and interactive method simplifies validation and adjustments, making space management more efficient and user-friendly than ever before.


HDC FM takes your data visualization to the next level with our advanced visual filters. Imagine being able to highlight different parts of your space with colors and labels, giving you an instant overview of various details like area sizes or item counts. Our filters are not just flexible—they can be tailored exactly to your needs, whether by setting them up in advance or letting the system create them from the data you have.

The beauty of our visual filters lies in their versatility. You can use them for anything from identifying different types of spaces on a floor plan to pinpointing which tenants are in which apartments. And it doesn’t stop there; these filters can integrate real-time data from external facilities management systems or IoT devices, making your insights as current as possible.

With HDC FM, the possibilities are endless. Our tools ensure consistency in your visualizations, automatically matching known values with specific colors. This powerful feature opens up a world of potential applications, allowing for immediate, visual understanding of your data, tailored precisely to your operational needs.


HDC FM simplifies the process of taking measurements and making markups directly on your plans without the need to modify the original documents. Imagine being able to sketch, annotate, or highlight areas of interest on your drawings and models while keeping the original files untouched. These redline markups can be effortlessly shared among team members, streamlining communication and collaboration.

For those needing precise details, HDC FM provides straightforward tools to measure distances, areas, and angles. These functions are designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that you have the information you need at your fingertips. Whether you’re planning a new layout, assessing spaces, or reviewing designs, HDC FM enhances your ability to make informed decisions with ease.


HDC FM introduces a powerful printing system that brings flexibility and precision to your documentation needs. With our intuitive template editor, you can craft the perfect layout for your prints, incorporating macros and essential elements like scale rulers to ensure accuracy and clarity. This system allows administrators to design and distribute template sets tailored to the team’s needs, enabling users to print exactly what they require, how they require it.

Imagine being able to generate PDF documents that not only meet but exceed the PDF-A standard for long-term digital preservation. Whether you need a detailed floor plan, a snapshot of an apartment, or an overview of an entire building, HDC FM’s templates can automatically populate with the necessary data, thanks to our advanced macro functionality.

This seamless integration of customizable templates and dynamic data input means that every printout from HDC FM is a perfect reflection of your project’s current status, designed to support decision-making, compliance, and communication efforts effectively.


HDC FM revolutionizes how changes are handled, offering a workflow-oriented approach that integrates directly with your drawings. This means you can pinpoint exactly where changes need to be made right on the visual representations of your projects. Once a change request is initiated, it’s navigated through a series of workflow steps, ensuring every modification is tracked, reviewed, and implemented systematically.

This process allows for a transparent and organized way to manage updates, from the initial identification of a needed change to the final integration of new data into the system. It streamlines communication among team members and ensures that every alteration is accounted for, minimizing errors and ensuring that your project evolves accurately according to plan. With HDC FM, managing project changes becomes a clear, controlled, and efficient process.


Finding the right information quickly is crucial in any project, and HDC FM makes this easier than ever. Our system offers multiple intuitive ways to navigate and locate the data you need:

  • Natural Navigation: Move through data in a way that feels natural and logical, from the broader scope of a building down to the specifics of floors, spaces, and documents.
  • Quick Search: For when you need answers fast, our general search function is simple and efficient, getting you the information you need with minimal fuss.
  • Advanced Search: For more specific inquiries, you can visually construct and save complex search queries, allowing for precise filtering according to your unique criteria.
  • Content Search: advanced document processing allows to search inside of document content
  • Powerful Data Grid: Visualize your search results in a dynamic grid, complete with filtering options and color-coded values for an at-a-glance understanding of your data.

These features combine to ensure that, whether you’re looking for an overall view of a building or specifics about a single document, HDC FM provides a seamless and efficient path to the information you require.


HDC FM provides robust solutions for managing historical data and maintaining a detailed audit trail, ensuring transparency and control over your documents and records.

  • Master Archive: A secure, read-only repository where sensitive data is stored, accessible to all users. This archive serves as the bedrock of your data management, safeguarding crucial historical information.
  • Versioning and Audit Trail Modes: Flexibility is key, and HDC FM caters to different organizational needs by offering Strict and Relaxed modes. Choose the level of oversight and control that fits your project requirements, ensuring changes are tracked in a way that suits your workflow.
  • Working with Drafts: Innovation and changes don’t have to disrupt your main data pool. HDC FM allows users to work within Drafts, making adjustments and updates without affecting the content of the Master Archive. This means your team can experiment and refine ideas in a controlled environment.
  • Publishing Drafts: Once drafts are finalized and ready to be shared, they can be easily published, moving from a private workspace to become part of the accessible project documentation.
  • Controlled Inventory Management: Prepare and manage inventory tasks within a Draft, with the ability to visualize changes before they go live. This controlled environment is perfect for ensuring accuracy and precision in your data before it becomes part of the permanent record.

With HDC FM, managing your project’s historical data and ensuring a comprehensive audit trail becomes a streamlined, secure process, empowering your team with the tools needed for meticulous record-keeping and data integrity.


In a world where every organization has its unique needs and challenges, HDC FM stands out with its highly adaptable and powerful configuration system. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to data management and organizational processes. That’s why our platform is designed to mold itself to your specific requirements, whether it’s customizing object types, their metadata fields, how they link together, or how they’re presented.

One of the most significant advantages of HDC FM is its user-friendly approach to customization. You don’t need to be a programmer or have technical expertise to make adjustments. Our graphical interface makes configuring and reconfiguring your system straightforward and accessible. This means you can tweak and refine your setup without fear of data loss, ensuring that your system evolves alongside your organization.

Moreover, HDC FM’s flexibility is a testament to its future-proof design. As your organization grows and changes, HDC FM is right there with you, ready to adapt and accommodate new requirements. This adaptability not only ensures that your current needs are met but also that you’re prepared for what the future might bring, making HDC FM a smart, long-term investment for your data management needs.


HDC FM revolutionizes the way organizations handle data exchange, anchoring its strength in the innovative External Information Domain concept. This approach allows HDC FM to interact seamlessly with a myriad of data formats and external systems, positioning it as a central hub for all your information management needs.

Key Features of HDC FM’s Data Exchange:

  • Schema Translation: Effortlessly translates object types and metadata fields between any external domain and HDC FM, ensuring a smooth integration of disparate data sources.
  • Mapping of Drawing Layers: Tailors the organization and visibility of drawing layers to fit your specific needs, making data interpretation and manipulation more intuitive.
  • Object Identity Management: Utilizes Master GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) for precise tracking and management of objects across systems, ensuring consistency and reliability.
  • Live Data-source Plugins: Offers real-time data exchange capabilities, allowing HDC FM to interact dynamically with live data sources and plugins for up-to-the-minute information management.

These capabilities enable HDC FM to unify and normalize data from diverse, and often incompatible, sources into one coherent system. Regardless of the different schemas or standards your existing data sources use, HDC FM’s flexible configuration can adapt to meet these challenges. This adaptability extends to keeping pace with future standards and updates in currently used systems, making HDC FM not just a solution for today’s data management challenges but a future-proof investment for managing tomorrow’s information landscape.


At HDC FM, we prioritize the security of your data and the integrity of your access systems. Understanding the critical nature of safeguarding information, our platform is equipped with multiple layers of security measures designed to meet the high standards required by enterprises today. Here’s how we ensure your data stays protected:

  • Single Sign-On/Sign Out: Streamline your login process without compromising security. Our system supports seamless integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) services, making access both secure and convenient.
  • Industry-Standard Protocols: We adhere to the latest security standards, including OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML. These protocols are designed to secure identities and information exchange, ensuring your data is protected across the internet.
  • User Federation: HDC FM can be integrated with LDAP or Active Directory servers, facilitating the management of user identities and permissions across your organization. This integration ensures that your security policies are consistently applied, enhancing the overall security posture.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): For an added layer of security, HDC FM supports 2FA, requiring users to provide two distinct forms of identification before accessing the system. This approach significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Granular Permissions: System administrators have the authority to define access controls with precision—down to individual objects and even specific fields. This granular level of permission setting ensures that users only access the data they need for their roles, minimizing the risk of data breaches or leaks.

By incorporating these robust security features, HDC FM stands as a secure, reliable platform for managing your data, offering peace of mind and ensuring that your sensitive information is well-protected against potential threats.


HDC FM embraces the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by making complex spatial data accessible and user-friendly. We understand that while full-featured GIS platforms offer extensive capabilities, they can sometimes be too complex for daily use in an office environment. That’s where HDC FM steps in, delivering the essential GIS data you need through a familiar and easy-to-navigate web interface.

Our system supports multiple GIS standards, including Tile Map Service (TMS), OpenStreetMap (OSM), and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS), ensuring you have access to a wide range of geographic information. By integrating these standards into HDC FM, we offer a seamless experience for users who require geographical data but don’t want to navigate the complexities of traditional GIS software.

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