We have added a set of new exiting features since last post that related to version 1.4. Version available to all HDC.cloud customers is now 2.0.

The most interesting highlights include:

  • Text macros can be added to print templates or directly in drawings on any vector/redline layer.
  • Export and Import of External Domain Configuration
  • Improved Import Reports

image2016-11-16 19:23:10.png

  • HDC can now communicate with external Active Directory or OpenLDAP.
  • Quick Serach for Document Grid
  • Pie-chart view for presentation legend
  • Adding object overlay with SuperEdit (Overlay Import)
  • Print Macros displaying data from ancestor objects

image2016-12-28 12:4:3.png

  • Translations export/import via Excel file

  • Print output form HOPA API
  • Presentations for grouped objects like rental units

image2017-3-10 11:35:52.png

  • Other performance and functionality improvements