We have released new HDC version – 1.4.0

List of new features:

  1. Improved speed of printouts to PDF – faster and more stable now.
  2. Automatic import of default documents from HDRep packages – default links used in HDoc Classic will be converted as well to new system – HDC.
  3. Assign default owner and permissions to unmapped local layers before import so that all layers can have pre-defined rights so users can use them after import.
  4. Grouped Objects – methodology of handling group of object and displaying them as one in various ways.
  5. New admin option: Data Processing – will allow various post process operation on current data.
  6. Set default zoom level for map drawing so it always show map fragment of interest.

Some of bugfixes:

  1. Newly created object classes not visible in Class Picker
  2. Icons and texts after definition cannot be updated: WrongSvgStructure
  3. Delete link does not remove default link
  4. Incorrect snapshots displayed in Archive Manager
  5. Normal user can not see or select uploaded icons
  6. Print Preview is covered with redline entity – units mismatch.